Matt “Bass Governor” Fullbrook: Touring, Crowdfunding and Making An Impact as an Independent Band

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Click here to read his original LinkedIn post which was originally published July 12, 2015


My band, KC Roberts & the Live Revolution (KCLR) is about to launch its first-ever tour of the west coast.  The “biz” offers us few, if any, traditional ways to make this kind of massive project possible, so we launched KCLR Go West, a crowdfunding campaign to help get the band on the road.

KCLR is by so many objective measures a unique and successful act.  We’re on the verge of releasing our 5th and 6th full-length albums.  We’ve got the dedicated support of thousands of incredible fans at home and around the world.  Given our size (eight, and sometimes more, band members) and a proudly unique musical approach, we are constantly grateful for these succeses, an for the fact that we have been able to stay committed to our music and our dreams for over six years.

KCLR is also playing at a time when new tools are available to us that generations before us could never have imagined.  Our first crowdfunding campaign in 2013 made possible the creation of our last record, Parkdale Funk 2: SIDES.  And now, with our first west coast tour around the corner, our new campaign, KCLR Go West, is our best chance at taking the band on the road.

Sure it’s sometimes discouraging that the traditional music industry doesn’t show the same interest in us as they might if we looked and sounded more like the mainstream.  The sacrifices that we need to make sometimes feel too great to be worth it.  But this is our passion, and we believe that spreading great music across the world will encourage new generations to pick up instruments and create great art, just like we were and continue to be inspired by our idols.

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