As we begin to Go West, a huge thank you is necessary…

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As I ride here with the boys, on the way out of Edmonton, I can’t help but feel like we are sliding into the beginning of a long beautiful dream. A lifetime of music got us here. The big blue Alberta sky hangs over the highway like an open blanket thrown over a lush green bed of farmland. In front of us is a wide open mouth, beckoning the beginning of this funk-fuelled adventure.

There is a warm feeling of gratitude in all the guys, and this gratitude is all the incredible people who believed in our band. I can’t help but feel like some tribe of groove warriors who honed their craft in the training grounds of Toronto. After soaking up all the diversity, music and love our city planted in our hearts, the time came that our roots were ready to spread into new gardens. Now we have ventured beyond the Shire. Not to get ahead of ourselves though. We are all here in the moment, ready to fully take in this experience with each breath. And through these moments, try to make each performance in every new city a new reflection of our story, as we grow and push further into ourselves as a band.

Very often these days, musical artists feel the need to pick between a small collection of main streams, in which to place their bets. Many believe owing money and music to a larger established industry giant is more respectable than getting your fans to help you build something independently. There is still a dusty and faded feeling left in our heads from decades past that one day a major record label will come along and carry us the rest of the way. But like so many people who religiously stack their lottery tickets like paper dreams on a convenience store counter, many artists waste their best years waiting for a moment that never comes. What we have learned from playing in this band is that there are no backdoors. There are no secret levers in the bookshelf, that result in a neverending downhill coast. Nor would we want that. We as people are built to grow, and growth can only happen with time. Time is a foundation on which monuments are erected. We have taken our time, stayed true to what the music tells us to do, and have earned a fanbase who are almost as proud of us as we are of them.

So let me take a deep breath, and get to the main point. All you amazing people who took the time to step into our world, to put your passion, hard earned money and faith behind us, we are here because of you. We want you to know that we won’t forget, and that we feel like we are carrying you guys with us to every one of these crazy shows across the west side of our great continent. We are proud to represent you, our home city of Toronto, and our country of Canada. No matter what steel walls stand between us all, there is a tapestry of underground streams, and we are all connected.

Our love and thanks. We will keep you updated, as we ride our big black horse into the bosom of the west. Please keep in touch and write us any way you can. We love to hear from you guys.

Wishing everyone the best summer of their lives!

KC Roberts
July 30th, 2015 on the road from Edmonton to Calgary


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